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6 Sugerencias Excelentes de Warren Buffet

El inversionista exitoso reconocido mundialmente por su sabiduría con el manejo del dinero nos da 6 excelentes sugerencias para aplicar a nuestras vidas:

consejos de Warren Buffet
Pautas de Warren Buffet
6 Sugerencias Excelentes de Warren Buffet

  • Sobre los Ingresos: "Nunca dependa de una sola fuente de ingresos. Haga inversiones para crear una segunda fuente."
  • Sobre los Gastos: "Si decides comprar cosas que no necesitas, pronto tendrás que vender cosas que sí necesitas."
  • Sobre los Ahorros: "No ahorres lo que te sobra después de tus gastos, mejor es gastar lo que te sobra después de tus ahorros."
  • Sobre los Riesgos: "Nunca averigües cual es la profundidad de un rió con los dos pies."
  • Sobre las Inversiones: "Nunca guardar todos los huevos en una sola canasta."
  • Sobre las Expectativas: "La honestidad es un regalo bastante costoso. No la esperes de personas tacañas."

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Short Term Rental Opportunity in Bogota Colombia

Looking for hotel alternatives in an exclusive location in Bogota Colombia. We have a great apartment which is fully furnished, has high-speed internet access and is within walking distance to the most important mall in Bogota (Unicentro).

Why stay at a hotel when you can have a fully furnished, huge 125 square meter (1,345 square feet) penthouse apartment in one of the best neighborhoods in Bogota Colombia. It is within is walking distance from Unicentro (the most popular shopping mall in the city). The apartment is on the same street as the 5 star hotel Dann Carlton, has 24 hour security, high-speed internet access, a huge super-king size bed in the main room and smaller beds in the other room. It has a private office with desks and rotating chairs. It is perfect for business people traveling with their families.

furnished flat with huge king-size bed in Bogota Colombia
Huge King Size Bed

furnished penthouse for rent in Bogota Colombia
This penthouse apartment has a great view.

rent apartment with washer and dryer in Bogota Colombia
Washer and dryer of furnished flat for rent

Luxury furnished penthouse apartment for rent in Bogota Colombia
Luxury furnished penthouse apartment
for rent in Bogota Colombia

apartment for rent with 24 hour security
24 hour security means safety
If you are interested in staying at our place, please contact us in order to reserve your stay or ask us any questions. Don't want to use cash, check or wire transfer? We accept all major credit cards through PayPal.

lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Alquilar Apartamento Amoblado Cerca al Dann Carlton Por Mucho Menos

Oferta Hotel Dann Carlton Bogota
Opción 1 - Pagar Mas en un Hotel

Cuando viajas a Bogotá con tu familia, puedes quedarte en un hotel como el Hotel Dann Carlton sobre la Cra 15, por lo que el Hotel llama la "mejor tarifa" que son $180,000 pesos, mas el IVA del 10 porciento, mas el impuesto hotelero de $8,500 pesos por noche, por persona. Y eso, si logras conseguir esa "mejor tarifa" que mencionan.

O puedes quedarte en la misma carrera 15, alquilando un apartamento en el ultimo piso Penhouse amoblado, que tiene 125 metros cuadrados, 2 habitaciones, parqueadero privado, internet de banda ancha, telefono local ilimitado, etc. Por una fracción de lo que pagaría su familia a dos minutos de distancia.

Opción 2 - Pagar Menos Alquilando Un Apartamento Amoblado Por Día 

No estoy diciendo que el Dann Carlton sea malo. Es un hotel magnifico. Lo que estoy diciendo es que alquilar un apartamento amoblado por día, por semana o por mes es mucho mas económico  especialmente cuando viajas con la familia. 

Nuestro apartamento esta a la orden y queda a poca distancia del Dann Carlton sobre el mismo costado oriente de la Cra 15. Es una ubicación ideal para viajes de negocios, turismo en Bogotá, o simplemente venir a la capital para cambiar de ambiente. 

Contáctenos para una cotización     

Important U.S. Organizations in Colombia

USA & Colombia Free Trade Agreement Celebration
Photograph by Reuters taken the day that the
first shippment of flowers arrived in the US after
the Colombian Free Trade Agreement went into effect. 
The following U.S. Organizations in Colombia have been set up in order to cater to both U.S. Citizens seeking help with business, tourism, or other issues they have in Colombia. It also serves to aid Colombian nationals having similar issues or concerns about the United States.

United States Embassy in Colombia

The U.S. Embassy in Colombia located in the capital city of Bogota, is there to help promote relations along with communication between the country of Colombia and the USA.

They deal with multiple issues including Visas, aiding US citizens and military personel living in Colombia, helping US Business interests in Colombia while at the same time promoting Colombian investment in the US, etc. etc.

U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service

The Office of Agricultural Affairs at the American Embassy in Bogota (website: U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service) is there to help U.S. exporters sell their products in Colombia.

Another job of the the Office of Agricultural Affairs in Colombia is to manage agricultural trade policies between The U.S. and Colombia, maintain a bilateral relationship, and promote the expansion of market access, for U.S. food  producers and exporters.

You can see the complete framework about U.S - Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement negotiation at the following website:


The American Chamber of Commerce in Colombia

The American Chamber of Commerce in Colombia (As of this post parts of the website are still only in Spanish but most of it has been translated into English) is a non-profit organization founded in 1955 to bring the private sectors' of both Colombia and the US together in order to promote investment and trade between both countries.

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Transmilenio - The Fastest Way to Get Around in Bogota

Transmilenio bus system in Bogota Colombia
Traffic Free lanes help make the Transmilenio
an attractive service in a city riden with heavy traffic. 
Bogota is a really big city with lots of traffic. Getting accross town can take forever, especially in the more congested areas such as Downtown (el Centro).

During rush hour, it can literally take you hours to go to or come from Downtown or other traffic infested areas. Bogota does however have a great system of extra long buses that drive on traffic free streets -- in private lanes that cars are not allowed to drive on. They can help get you were you want to go in a fraction of the time that it would take you in a car or taxi. This transportation system is called the Transmilenio.

Transmilenio Bus Routes

The Transmilenio has many routes and covers most of the important destinations in the city. It is also growing day by day with more routes being added constantly.

Map of Transmilenio Bus Routes in Bogota Colombia

You can visit SuRumbo.com (in Spanish) to find the quickest routes to get from one place to another. There are also mobile apps that can give you specific bus route information and schedules that you can use when you are on the go.

Transmilenio Bus Schedule

Monday through Saturdays: 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Sundays and Holidays: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Pros and cons of Bogota's Transmilenio Service. 

Transmilenio will indeed get you where you want to go really quickly -- compared to other transportation alternatives. However, it is very packed. Most of the time you wont be able to find a seat and will have to spend your transit period standing up. During peak hours, you'll see people pushin and shoving their way into the bus in order to fit. You can consider it like being crammed into a can of sardines.

Transmilenio Peak hour in Bogota
Pick pocketers take advantage of this crowded environment in order to try to take other peoples personal belongings (cell phones, wallets, etc.). So just make sure you keep your belongings safe if you are using Transmilenio during peak hours.

Some people avoid the system during peak hours for this reason. Other people believe that the time you save is worth more than the hassle of having to stand in a crammed area. It all depends on what your level of comfort is and how much of a hurry you find yourself in.

As for me, I do use cabs. But mainly to ask the driver to "take me to the nearest Transmilenio station."

domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Alquilar Aparmento Amoblado en Bogota - Barrio Santa Paula Cerca a Unicentro

Apartamento Amoblado estilo penthouse (en el ultimo piso) para alquilar. Tiene 125 metros cuadrados (aproximadamente 1,345 pies cuadrados de espacio construido). Excelente ubicación en el Barrio Santa Paula a pocas cuadras del Centro comercial Unicentro. Puede alquilarse a corto o largo plazo de acuerdo a sus necesidades y la disponibilidad.

Alquilar Apartmento en Bogota cerca a Unicentro

Sala comedor de apartamento en arriendo amoblado en Bogota

muebles del apartamento para alquilar en Bogota Colombia

Ver mas fotos del apartmento amoblado en arriendo en Bogota. También puedes ver la ubicación de este apartamento en Google Maps aquí.

O puedes contactar al arrendatario directamente para hacer una oferta o programar su estadía. 

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Furnished Aparment For Rent in Bogota Colombia - Near Unicentro

Furnished Penthouse apartment in Bogota Colombia. 125 square meters (aproximately 1,345 square feet). Great location. Short term or long term rental possibilities.

Apartment for rent in Bogota Colombia

Living room and table of furnished apartment in Bogota

furniture of apartment for fent in Bogota Colombia

See more pictures of the apartment for rent in Bogota. You can also find it in Google Maps here.

Or get in touch with us in order to make an offer or book your stay. 

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Why Come to Bogota?

Bogota is a vibrant city, full of rich history, incredible restaurants, a burgeoning economy, very good and well educated professionals, etc. It's no wonder people are flocking to Bogota for both business and pleasure.

It was named one of the world's top 10 places to visit according to the Foreign Policy Journal.

Hear what many Americans are saying about comming to Bogota:
"So many people in the United States here all these horrible stories about this place when in reality this is a paradize." 
                                                                 Brian Andrews, Journalist
"Bits and pieces of it feel like New York. It feels like San Francisco. There are great places to go. There are great places to eat..."
                                                                Iaian Pateson, Producer 

The following video will give you a small glimps as to why come to the city of Bogota.

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Location of the Apartment for Rent in Bogota Colombia

Here you can see a birds eye view of the apartment located at Cra 15 with Calle 109 in the City of Bogota Colombia. To see a close up you need to follow the green arrow while you zoom in in Google Maps. This is a great location.

Ver apto Santa Paula en un mapa más grande

You can see lots of pictures of the apartment here: Photographs of apartment for rent in Bogota

Ver Apartamento en Google Maps

Aquí puedes ver el mapa y vista satelital del apartamento que se alquila en el la Cra 15 con Calle 109 de la ciudad de Bogotá. Para verlo de cerca tienes que hacer zoom en el mapa de Google y seguir la flecha verde.

Ver apto Santa Paula en un mapa más grande

Puedes ver muchas fotos del apartamento amoblado aquí.

Alquilar Apartamento Amoblado con Chimenea

Este apartamento amueblado de 125 metros cuadrados, ubicado en la 109 con 15 está en el último piso. Tiene una chimenea magnifica que algunas veces usamos para hacer asados. Es muy rico poder quedarse en casa y hacer un asado en nuestro propio BBQ mientras nos calienta la chimenea.

apto con chimenea en Santa Paula Bogota

Alquiler con chimenea en Norte de Bogota

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Apartamento Cerca a Unicentro Bogota Colombia

Aquí pueden ver un video de Bogota y el Centro Comercial Unicentro que queda a pocas cuadras del apartamento en alquiler en la carrera 15. Realmente es una ubicación privilegiada.

sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

¿Qué Hacer en Bogotá?

Bogotá es una ciudad con miles de planes muy cheveres. Tiene una cultura e historia increíble con museos de primera categoría. Los alrededores de Bogotá también ofrecen una vivencia magnifica especialmente en los temas ecoturisticos. En cualquier momento dado pueden haber múltiples eventos o actividades que pueden ser de mucho interés. 

¿Como saber cuando hay eventos y donde se llevaran a cabo?

Visitar la pagina de Plan B
Un recurso magnifico es Plan B de la revista Semana (no tengo afiliación alguna con ellos). Plan B es una guía de entretenimiento interesante con muchos planes para hacer en Bogotá. Encontraras eventos culturales y de diversión.

Se actualiza todos los días con información relacionada a los puntos de interés, la gastronomía, los eventos y la vida nocturna, actividades de intereses diversos, eventos y mucho más.  

También puedes encontrar información sobre cines, shows, etc. y eventos en otras ciudades también. 

Instituto Distrital de Turismo

La pagina oficial del Instituto Distrital de Turismo del gobierno de Bogotá también ofrece información valiosa      sobre las posibilidades que ofrece Bogota en torno al turismo. 

Instituto Distrital de Turismo del gobierno de Bogotá

Ademas de proveer mucha información sobre destinos, ferias, fiestas, y eventos publica una serie de Mapas Turisticos interesantes.  

Algunas ferias, eventos y fiestas que promueve el Distrito de Bogotá son:
El listado completo de los eventos patrocinados por el Instituto Distrital de Turismo lo puedes ver aquí

Thank You - Gracias

Gracias por su interés en alquilar mi apartamento en la Carrera 15 con la calle 109 de la ciudad de Bogotá  Ya recibí la información que llenaste en el formulario de contacto. Le responderá apenas pueda.

Si tienes otra inquietud favor volver a llenar el formulario:
O puedes ver fotos del apartamento.

Thank you for your interest in my apartment located in Cra 15 with Calle 109 in the city of Bogota Colombia.  I received your message via the contact form. I will get in touch as soon as possible.

If you have any other question or concern please contact us again via the contact form.
Or check out the pictures of the apartment.

Apartamento amoblado in Bogota

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2012 Holidays in Colombia with 3 Day Weekends

Being a Catholic country, Colombia South America has lots of holidays. In 2012 Colombia will have around 20 official holidays recognized by the Colombian government. This means lots of three day weekends.

January 2012

  • January 1st - New Years Day
  • January 9th - The Three Wise Men or Three Kings Day (really falls on January 6 but it was moved to Monday January the 9th for labor purposes.

February 2012

  • No legal holidays.

March 2012

April 2012

May 2012

  • May 1st - Labor Day

June 2012

  • June 2nd - Asención del Señor (Ascension Day - When Jesus went back to the Father and ascended into heaven before a crowd of believers.)
  • June 23rd - Corpus Christi

July 2012

  • July 1st - Dia del Sagrado Corazon (Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
  • July 20th - Colombian Independence Day

August 2012

September 2012

  • No Holidays.

October 2012

  • October 17th (Celebrated) - real date October 12 - Dia de la Raza (Columbus day)

November 2012

December 2012