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Important U.S. Organizations in Colombia

USA & Colombia Free Trade Agreement Celebration
Photograph by Reuters taken the day that the
first shippment of flowers arrived in the US after
the Colombian Free Trade Agreement went into effect. 
The following U.S. Organizations in Colombia have been set up in order to cater to both U.S. Citizens seeking help with business, tourism, or other issues they have in Colombia. It also serves to aid Colombian nationals having similar issues or concerns about the United States.

United States Embassy in Colombia

The U.S. Embassy in Colombia located in the capital city of Bogota, is there to help promote relations along with communication between the country of Colombia and the USA.

They deal with multiple issues including Visas, aiding US citizens and military personel living in Colombia, helping US Business interests in Colombia while at the same time promoting Colombian investment in the US, etc. etc.

U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service

The Office of Agricultural Affairs at the American Embassy in Bogota (website: U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service) is there to help U.S. exporters sell their products in Colombia.

Another job of the the Office of Agricultural Affairs in Colombia is to manage agricultural trade policies between The U.S. and Colombia, maintain a bilateral relationship, and promote the expansion of market access, for U.S. food  producers and exporters.

You can see the complete framework about U.S - Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement negotiation at the following website:

The American Chamber of Commerce in Colombia

The American Chamber of Commerce in Colombia (As of this post parts of the website are still only in Spanish but most of it has been translated into English) is a non-profit organization founded in 1955 to bring the private sectors' of both Colombia and the US together in order to promote investment and trade between both countries.

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